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#2078 Fehler im Shop shop new comvation defect must
#1208 Erweiterung Produkt-ID Shop, Product ID new comvation idea normal
#1739 Zahlungsarten löschen Shop Shop, Zahlungsarten new comvation enhancement normal
#1752 Some Placeholders Contain Currency shop currency placeholder new comvation enhancement normal
#2024 Order Status Update May Be Broken When Using Saferpay shop payment saferpay new comvation defect normal
#2064 Shop Statistics And Order Status shop statistic order status new comvation defect normal
#2272 Wrong Email Template Used for Order Complete shop order complete mailtemplate new comvation defect normal
#2297 Can't change product options of product in cart shop, product, option, options, cart new comvation defect normal
#2466 E-Commerce Tracking Integration shop, e-commerce, tracking, new comvation idea normal
#2479 Produkte senden an Mail Adresse shop, delifery, email new comvation enhancement normal
#2480 Shop Bestellübersicht shop, orders, overview new comvation idea normal
#2482 Shop PDF Generierung shop, pdf, generate new comvation idea normal
#2484 OCI-Schnittstelle shop, oci new comvation idea normal
#2486 Suche Shop search, shop, content new comvation enhancement normal
#2544 Konnte Thumbnail für ... nicht erstellen shop, thumbnail, bug new comvation defect normal
#2562 Shop: Warenkorb - Mindestbestellwert unterschritten shop, cart, min new comvation defect normal
#2563 Shop: Warenkorb - Weiter Button wird immer dargestellt shop, cart, next button new comvation defect normal
#2661 Erweiterung Shop - Reichweite Berechnen (Versandkosten) shop new comvation enhancement normal
#2662 Erweiterung Shop - Zuordnung einer Versandart einem spezifischen Prrodukt shop new comvation enhancement normal
#2723 Mengenrabatte über mehrere Produkte shop, products, mengenrabatt, rabatt, warenkorb new comvation enhancement normal
#669 Configure shipment cost by order amount shop shipment cost amount new reto.kohli enhancement low
#1047 Feature request: integration of a "contact form" into the shop shop contact information request form new comvation enhancement low
#1229 Notify when product stock falls too low shop stock notification new comvation enhancement low
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