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#2289 LinkManager - Replace SimpleHtmlDom lib with php core functionality LinkManager, lib new comvation enhancement normal
#2290 LinkManager - add manually trigger button for the LinkCrawler LinkManager new comvation enhancement normal
#2291 LinkManger - move constants in setCustomizableConstants to ComponentController LinkManager new comvation enhancement normal
#2344 Gallery Category Tree Links sind falsch gallery, category, tree, links, cmd new comvation defect normal
#2388 Hinter [[node]] / internen Links wird jedes mal ein ?csrf=... generiert Link, node, intern, csrf, Blog, 3.2 new comvation defect normal
#2825 Inconsistent display of theme options for symlink and fallback pages symlink redirect fallback assigned michael.ritter defect normal
#1665 Link Target Link, Target new comvation enhancement low
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