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#1394 Bildbearbeitung: Skalieren -> Memory Limit Exceeded (früher ging es) new comvation defect must unknown
#2214 Optimierung des "AJAX status polling" new comvation idea high unknown
#529 Checking for special character while editing a Directory name new comvation defect normal blueprints
#539 Checking whether Space has been taken as a character or not For the Directory name Field new comvation defect normal blueprints
#560 Filename / Directory name with single Quote / Double Quotes throw an Error While Editng Image /Directory name . new comvation defect normal blueprints
#564 Underscore is missing while Edit a Directory Name new comvation defect normal blueprints
#1295 Thumbnail-Grösse definierbar machen new comvation enhancement normal
#1522 Datei Explorer (Behandlung von Sonderzeichen) new comvation enhancement normal blueprints
#1793 Dateiverwaltung: Thumbnails werden nicht neu generiert new comvation defect normal unknown
#1839 Grosse Bilder erzeugen weisse Seite in Media new comvation defect normal
#1949 mediadir bilder verlinkung new comvation defect normal long-term
#2001 Media: Unterschiedliche Validierung von Verzeichnisnamen new comvation enhancement normal
#2239 FileSharing: Change default upload access new comvation defect normal Contrexx 4.0 SP1
#2463 Media Archive erweitern new comvation enhancement normal
#2652 Zuschneiden Button im Bildeditor löst Vorschau aus new comvation defect normal
#2715 Media: Wysiwyg-Ordner bei der Dateiverwaltung hinzufügen new comvation enhancement normal
#2829 Add possibility to see if a file is in use new comvation enhancement normal
#227 Shadowbox für die Bilderverwaltung (backend) new comvation enhancement if time unplanned
#571 Special Character has been replaced by Underscore ( Both in Media Manager & Image Management ) new comvation defect if time blueprints
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