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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2320 SEO home page is accessable with two urls michael.ritter enhancement high Routing 3.2
#2322 Download placeholders should be available everywhere michael.ritter defect normal Download 3.0.0
#2578 calendar dates update to contrexx 4 berger defect normal Update 4.0
#2579 $_SESSION['contrexx_update'] initialisieren berger defect normal Update 4.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2036 Mehrfacherfassungen bei Formularen comvation idea must Crm 3.1.1
#2233 Frontend Editing: Toolbar styling comvation defect must FrontendEditing 3.2
#2236 Template file gets deleted even if the delete button has not been clicked comvation defect must other(specify) 3.2
#2258 Anmeldung bei Serienterminen fehlerhaft comvation enhancement must Calendar 3.2
#2271 LSV Zahlung entspricht nicht SEPA Bestimmungne comvation defect must Shop 3.2
#2276 Session: Could not obtain session lock comvation defect must Core 3.2
#2209 WYSIWYG: don't replace content by default when using content templates comvation enhancement high Wysiwyg 3.2
#2257 Contact: Remove breaks after radio buttons comvation defect high Contact 3.2
#2302 Contrexx 3.2 und Firefox 32 comvation defect high other(specify) 3.2
#2304 Stats for page with lowercase slug comvation defect high Stats 3.2
#2313 Shipment method without any data will not work comvation defect high Shop 3.2
#2315 Paymill payment fails comvation defect high Shop 3.2
#2328 Newsletter mailto links should not be tracked comvation defect high Newsletter 3.2
#1801 Import: validate mandatory fields gergely.szabo idea normal Crm 3.1
#1894 "Nervige Mails" vom CRM comvation defect normal Crm 3.1.1
#2093 Erledigte Aufgaben ausblenden comvation enhancement normal Crm 3.1.1
#2200 Paymill in checkout module comvation enhancement normal Checkout 3.2
#2206 Shop: Edit view for orders with product options comvation enhancement normal Shop 3.2
#2208 Mediadir: The default language should be the first wysiwyg field comvation enhancement normal MediaDir 3.2
#2212 Update: Deactivate customizings comvation enhancement normal Update 3.2
#2215 Debugging "Ausgabe in Datei" does not have a label comvation enhancement normal Core 3.2
#2216 SEO for shop comvation enhancement normal Shop 3.2
#2217 User management: filter does not work with email addresses comvation defect normal Access 3.2
#2218 Upload: the upload does not work in IIS comvation defect normal Upload 3.2
#2232 Mediadir: WYSIWYG field adds csrf even if it is not needed comvation defect normal MediaDir 3.2
#2239 FileSharing: Change default upload access comvation defect normal Media 3.2
#2268 Kalender: Bei Abmeldung nachrutschen von Warteliste-Teilnehmer comvation enhancement normal Calendar 3.2
#2270 Link-Platzhalter sollten immer noch einen _SRC Platzhalter haben comvation enhancement normal Core 3.2
#2310 Downloads modules usability optimizing (Sorting functionality) thomas.daeppen defect normal Download 3.2
#2343 Geänderte Daten werden nicht übernommen comvation defect normal Shop 3.2
#2350 upload_file_http fatal error : make_folder function does not exist comvation defect normal FileSystem 3.2
#2356 Permissions for User management comvation defect normal Access 3.2
#2379 Directory: no inputfields available in minimal installation comvation defect normal Directory 3.2
#2386 Access filter by username beginning (alphabetical filter) does not work comvation defect normal Access 3.2
#2392 Anzahl Veranstaltungen im Dropdown fehlerhaft comvation defect normal Calendar 3.2
#2760 [[MEDIADIR_NAVTREE_LINK]] does not work properly comvation defect normal MediaDir 4.0
#2195 Übersicht Teilnahme Veranstaltungen comvation idea low Calendar 3.2
#2243 Bootstrap: jquery dependency versions comvation defect low Core 3.2
#2261 Calendar: Add checkboxes for subscriber lists comvation enhancement low Calendar 3.2
#2273 Kontakt: Absender definieren können comvation enhancement low Contact 3.2
#2210 Naming of placeholder LOGIN_URL comvation enhancement if time Core 3.2
#2234 Guestbook:Settings Issue comvation defect if time Guestbook 3.2
#2235 Knowledge:Settings issue comvation defect if time Knowledge 3.2
#2237 Advertisement:Advertisements Page Issue comvation defect if time Market 3.2
#2242 FirePHP Memory limit exceeded comvation defect if time DBG 3.2

Status: reopened (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2339 The resultcache should not used with Doctrine 2.0 gergely.szabo defect normal Cache 3.2
#2380 Language files not loaded correctly from customizing folder kramer defect normal Core 3.2
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